Welcome to DVRES the premier Northern Califonia Restaurant Equipment and Supplies Dealer

Dong Vinh Restaurant Equipment Supplies Inc.
1979 Monterey Highway, Suite 120
San Jose, CA 95112

What We Do

Inventory, and lots of it.

We are a brick and mortar retail/wholesale restaurant supply dealer that stocks over six thousand products with millions of dollars in non-food equipment and supplies.  These products are carefully curated to offer a wide selection and the best value.

Avoid getting inferior products, a poor selection, and dealing with products being out of stock.

Special orders, when you need something specific.

Our team of experienced sales advisors are trained on the newest advancements and latest trends in equipment and supplies.  They are able to help you specify equipment for your kitchen, furnish your dining area, and find the perfect table top pieces to compliment your food and beverage programs.

Avoid inexperienced order takers or online representatives that just follow a script.

Staging products with easier coordination.

With an over 80,000 square foot facility, we have the warehouse space to dedicate to your project.  We are able to keep the equipment and supplies you purchase safe until you are ready, and can provide the products in phases.

Avoid having a disorganized job site and receiving products to your facility when you are not ready.

Delivery service.

We have a fleet of vehicles available to deliver product locally.  We are able to deliver curbside or in most cases bring the items into your location by our own personnel.  This is usually within a 3-hour scheduled delivery window.

Avoid having to file freight claims for damaged or missing items and inconsistent delivery times or delays.  (We can drop ship items to you also, but prefer to check down product at our facility and deliver in our trucks to provide a great customer experience.)

Multi-unit and chain support.

We are able to create reorder guides and hold specific product for your operation.  In addition, we can assign a sales advisor to your account.  We want to be a partner.

Avoid working with people who don’t know or understand your business.

Manufacturer’s warranty assistance.

Dealing with manufacturer’s warranty can be confusing as items are not just replaced when there is an issue.  We are here to help troubleshoot or provide guidance on who to contact in order to get your equipment back up as soon as possible. 

Avoid not knowing what to do or where to go when a problem arises.